Sicily (Sicilia)

Sicily is a large Mediterranean island off the southern coast of Italy. It is the largest island in the entire Mediterranean Sea. It has been a cultural crossroads for centuries, blending cultures from the likes of the Normans, Byzantines, Arabs, Greeks, among others. It is known for its rich history, stretching as far back as the well-preserved Greek temples left behind in the Valle dei Templi near Agrigento and the Byzantine art found in cities like Palermo and Monreale. The Baroque towns and cities found in the eastern part of the island include Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, and Milazzo. Mount Etna is an active volcano that is perched above the large city of Catania. 

Places we will visit include: Taormina, Palermo, Syracuse, Catania, Agrigento, and more.

There are also many island chains off the coasts with beautiful blue waters like the Aegadian, Aeolian, and Pelagie Islands. 

Sicily is home to a wide range of delicious dishes that are known around the world. Foods to definitely try include: Arancini, cassata, cannoli, and granita. Sweet wines "vino dolce" are the most famous wines from this region like Moscato and Marsala. A famous red is Nero d'Avola. Aside from wine, Limoncello is very commonly found and drank after a meal.