Basilicata is a region in southern Italy bordering the Mediterranean sea to the south, and filled with mountains and forests on the inside. Matera, its most famed city is known for its Sassi caves, which have been inhabited for thousands of years. The Sassi have very often been used in films to serve as the setting for mostly biblical films that take place in Jerusalem. In the Murgia Matera area, there are about 150 rock-cut churches dotting the gorges. 

Places to go: Matera, Maratea, Potenza, Craco, Metaponto, Castelmezzano.

Metaponto is a Roman site and Craco is a ghost town that also serves as the setting for biblical films.

What to eat: Fragola Cadonga, gnummareddi, pane di Matera, peperone di Senise, sanguinaccio dolce, and soppressata.

What to drink: Aglianico del Vulture is the most famous wine, and Amaro Lucano is an herbal aperitif.