Abruzzo is a region in the center of Italy, bordering the Adriatic sea with a center filled with Appenine mountains. It is a sparsely populated region with much of its land belonging to natural parks, mountain ranges, and beaches. In its interior, it is common to find many hilltop villages from medieval and renaissance periods. The capital city of Abruzzo is L'Aquila, a formerly beautiful city that was destroyed by a large earthquake in 2009. Along it's long sandy coastline, you can find serene beaches with wooden fishing piers that are a symbol of Abruzzo. It is usually described as being a part of central Italy economically, but part of southern Italy in the cultural aspect. Much of the land is unspoiled and tourist free, as much of the population left after the war to eventually settle in America and other places. 

Places to go: Vasto, Sulmona, Chieti, Scanno, Lanciano, and more.

Food to try: arrosticini, burrata, confetti di Sulmona, pecorino, and prosciutto di cinghiale.

The most famous Abruzzese wine is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, which is commonly found in wine shops all over. 

For this tour, it is possible that we do a day trip to Hvar, Croatia by taking a ferry from the port of Pescara.